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Each year in the chinese zodiac is represented by a different animal. Chinese zodiac is based on a 12-year cycle. People who were born under certain sign have similar personal characteristics. Chinese astrologers say that these types of personal characteristics are somewhat associated with the chinese zodiac animal. Personal characteristics can be explained more in detail if chinese astologer knows his date and hour of birth and also exact birthplace. But usually chinese zodiac is used with just the year of birth.

People in love often want to know if the partners are compatible. Chinese zodiac is used to determine this. The compatibility is not only question of love. Any relationship between two people can be influenced and explained by chinese zodiac animal signs.

People who believe the Chinese zodiac usually ask questions about chinese zodiac compatibility before they start serious relationship with other people. Mainly with their future life partner. They just want to make sure if their signs are appropriate.

It is very easy to determine two signs that are not comatible. Chinese astrologist created a guide in form of simple table. According to them the incompatible pairings are:

Dragon + Dog
Ox + Goat
Rabbit + Rooster
Rat + Horse
Snake + Pig
Tiger + Monkey

Also table of compatible signs was created by chinese astrologers. Compatible signs are united in four groups. The groups of compatible chinese zodiac signs are called trines. People born in these trines can very likely conclude close friendship or relationship because they usually have similar personal characteristics, mindsets and outlooks. These are the four trines:

The first trine: Dragon + Monkey + Rat
Dragon, Monkey and Rat are supposed to be the most passionate and powerful signs of the chinese zodiac.

The second trine: Ox + Rooster + Snake
Ox, Rooster and snake are usually very patient and calm animals and also people born in the second trine are very often calm and patient.

The third trine: Dog + Horse + Tiger
People born in third trine are usually individualistic and energetic.

The fourth trine: Pig + Rabbit + Goat
People born in years of Pig, Rabbit and Goat have often wonderful and very giving personalities.
Of course many other chinese zodiac sign pairings exist and are not explined in the compatible and incompatible tables above. We will continue in explaining in our future articles.

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